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I’ve been looking through a lot of photos on Flickr lately and have noticed that not many people are putting their pictures on the map. Why is this? I love adding my traveling (never pictures taken at home) pictures on the map. This way there is always a location tag on my photos. I also think it’s handy for conference goers. If someone is going to CIL next year, they can see my pictures from the location and get a feel for what it was like … of course they could search by the cil2008 tag, but what about those just interested in the area?

So, I guess I’m posting for 2 reasons. 1) are you using the Flickr mapping feature? 2) if not, why?

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  1. Too cumbersome

  2. Would you use it if it was easier to add the location? Or do you just want to upload your photos and be done?

  3. I geotag all of my photos (except for the ones taken at my apartment or someone else’s place of residence, for privacy reasons). The main problem, in my opinion, is that it uses Yahoo Maps, which simply isn’t as good as, say, Google Maps. Quite often it can’t find the exact location unless I enter a zip code, which is a little tedious. Also its international coverage is very poor and often doesn’t get down to street level, so I just have to tag somewhere in the general vicinity.

  4. Holly, I do agree with those points – I’m not a fan of the Yahoo Map tool. Glad to hear that you’re tagging you pics!!

  5. I have geotag’d a few photos, but find it too time-consuming to do every photos. And there are a few that I’ll never geotag (like of my house). I find the word tags more useful and easier to do.

  6. I’ve done it to a handful of photos, and would probably do it to more but for the fact that it takes too much time. I haven’t bothered to set up internet at my apartment yet, and there aren’t really any hotspots in my neighborhood, so I am uploading photos at work on my lunch break.

  7. (Late to the party here). I try to geotag most of my shots, especially ones I take outside of my house.

    After a trip to Paris last year I stumbled across a geotag bookmarklet by Sumaato Labs. When you are in Flickr, just click the bookmarklet and it opens a Google Map in place of the picture. You just find the location (seach box) and click on the map to place it. It automatically adds the geotags so Yahoo Maps can read it. Plus it puts a link in your picture description area to will take you to the map. The only thing I wish it did was open the map in a new tab. (Not a shill just a happy user)

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