No more free faxing with

A couple of months ago I mentioned as a way to send faxes for free over the internet – well that service is no more 🙁

Because of abuse to our fax service offering, we are temporarily changing the rules for our fax service for non-premium customers. Starting today, non-premium users will only be able to receive faxes. In order to send faxes, you must upgrade your drop via the purchase of a premium code (

Thanks Sam for pointing it out. I have to admit I think I saw it coming – I tried to do some faxing last week and had trouble with it.

I hate that spammers are ruining all of the good things on the web 🙁


  1. hey nicole,

    we’re really sad about this too.

    if you upgrade to a premium drop you can fax in and out but you can still get faxes into free drops. like always, you have to make sure that the first page of the fax is the special coversheet for your drop and that it’s set to the highest resolution possible.

    thanks for hanging in there with us.

    peter f.

  2. Peter, for me it’s not really an expense that makes sense, I only send faxes once in a blue moon.

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