My Great Nan

This past week my great nan passed away. I didn’t get to see her much since growing up and getting married, but I will always remember her spunk and smile!

I’ve seen her twice in the last 6 years. Once at her 90th birthday and once not long after that. Both times she was surrounded by family like she always was. One of my friends asked me what Nan did for a living and I told her that she was a mother and a grandmother. My friend asked me what she did after the kids grew up and moved away – and I told her that they didn’t move away! Most of my family still lives hear Nan’s house and would visit frequently. I remember going over there when I was young and having massive family meals for not particular reason except that we were all there.

The other awesome thing about my Nan is that she was madly in love with my great grandfather. When he passed before her, she was heart-broken and took every opportunity to talk about him and how much she loved and missed him. I mention this because I know that my Nan, who passed away at the age of 96, is now with the love of her life looking down on her family, content for the first time since my great grandfather left her.

To see more of my great grandmother’s awesome smile, check out the two pictures I uploaded of her from my first Christmas.

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  1. So sorry for you loss. How wonderful that you knew your great-grandmother though. What a rare privilege. No doubt she is smiling down on you and your family.

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