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Last year I bookmarked MarkMail and then promptly forgot about it. Today I was searching for someone’s email address and was brought back to MarkMail – wow has it grown!!

Searching 4,310 lists and 22,872,030 messages. First list started in November 1992. There are 2,898 active lists, recently accumulating 5,907 messages per day.

Basically, MarkMail is a search engine you can use to search mailing lists. It’s built by MarkLogic – a group of awesome people!

More about MarkMail:

MarkMail is a free service for searching mailing list archives, with huge advantages over traditional search engines. It is powered by MarkLogic Server: Each email is stored internally as an XML document, and accessed using XQuery. All searches, faceted navigation, analytic calculations, and HTML page renderings are performed by a small MarkLogic Server cluster running against millions of messages.

Check it out for yourself!

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