Facebook 101

Yesterday I found 2 of my cousins on Facebook, only to find that they had no idea how they got on Facebook in the first place 🙂 I started looking for tutorials that started with the very basics, but didn’t find anything up to my standards so I started my own Facebook 101 guide.

Now that the rough draft is done, I’m thinking of ways to organize it better and what else to add. I’m up for suggestions. Keep an eye out for changes over the coming month.

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  1. Great guide Nicole, I’m surprised there’s nothing out there already – you’d think Facebook would want to try to make it easy for beginners by maybe creating a tutorial or something. I’m managing a project on Facebook at the moment and I know some of the staff are unsure about joining Facebook (due to privacy concerns), I never really considered the fact that to people not used to registering for web accounts it could be very confusing as well.

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