Furious with Disqus!!

I wrote a short while ago that I was trying Disqus. I decided that there wasn’t enough value for me to keep using it. I uninstalled it and thought I was done – yeah right!! I had a reader tell me today that I had a bunch of duplicate comments on a thread, so I did a bit of digging and found that Disqus put duplicates of each comment into my database!! So, I’ve spent the last 3 hours trying to write a script (yes, I’m out of practice) to find the duplicates and delete them from the database.

I’m sure this is part my fault for not reading the fine print well enough – but what the heck!! Why did they need to create crap data in my database??

Rant done, back to writing my script.

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  1. Hi Nicole,

    I apologize for the issues you just described. The newest release of the plugin fixes that bug.

    We have a script available for you if you still need it. Email me: daniel at disqus dot com and I’ll get it to you

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