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Addicted or Workaholics?

Aug - 28 - 2008
Nicole C. Engard

Janie posted a poll a little while ago to find out about email habits of library workers. I filled it out and I can tell you that I was checking work email on my honeymoon and so checking it on weekends is no big deal to me :)

Janie has posted her results and included this interesting summary:

My question is this – are we addicted to email/the web or are we all workaholics? I don’t know what it is for me. I think it’s a bit of both – maybe with a pinch more addiction than workaholic.

2 Responses so far.

  1. pollyalida says:

    I’m with you, a bit of workaholic, because I love my work and a bit of addiction. I checked email on my honeymoon too. And wrote a response to an RFP – ok, maybe that was too much, but it was a big contract! :-)

  2. Melissa says:

    I rarely need to check my e-mail from home but if I do it is because I know something may come up. It is easier to check e-mail a few times over a long vacation and resolve 90% of the problems before I even get back to my desk. Definitely worth the effort.

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