Join me for a day of Web 2.0

I’ll be teaching two new classes next month (new for me and for SJRLC):

  • Using Facebook to Connect with Customers:
    Attend this hands-on workshop and learn how create a Facebook presence for your library and use that presence to effectively engage your customers.
  • Web 2.0 Synergy: Putting it All Together:
    This session will give you a solid understanding of how the different elements of Web 2.0 can be mixed, merged, and displayed. This is a hands-on practical workshop. The instructor will guide the class through Web 2.0 sites including Twitter, Delicious, Yelp, LastFM and Friendfeed, and show how they can all be tied together in ways that save you time, and help you discover, manage, and share information.

Join me for both classes on September 23rd at the Camden County Library in Voorhees.


  1. Hi Nicole:
    Is there a charge/ fee for this course?
    I would like to register.

  2. Catherine,

    I’m not sure about the charge, but I have been informed that the class is first for SJRLC members and others will be put on the waiting list.

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