APIs all over

Every day I feel like I’m reading about a new API being released. The newest I’ve read about it Evernote:

Launching the Service API means that third party developers can now do all sorts of innovative things with Evernote. Want to create a new Evernote client? Go for it. Want to hook Evernote into your favorite calendaring or to-do app? Knock yourself out. Of course, trust and security are very important, that’s why you will always be asked to explicitly authorize any third-party access to your account. And once you’ve authorized them, then let the good times roll. Dozens of third-party developers are already busy working with our API, so expect to see some great, and unexpected, apps soon!

More information on the API: http://www.evernote.com/about/developer/

My message to these web service providers – keep it coming :) My message to libraries – let’s get cracking!!

[update] Wow – I just found the New York Times API too! [/update]

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