StumbleUpon Issues

Is anyone else having problems with StumbleUpon? I use StumbleUpon to email articles to my work email when I find things of interest to blog about on weekends. Lately when I click the links in my emails they take me to random page – as if I clicked the Stumble button on my browser … it has become a bit annoying and I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed this.

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  1. Hey there: I am a fellow StumbleUpon user, and I haven’t had any problem emailing pages to myself, though the rest of the addresses I regularly send to are no longer there. That’s something I noticed yesterday.

    I hope they resolve their issues–did you send this to them? I will report my issue.

    Really enjoy your site. peace!

  2. Hi there — I’m StumbleUpon’s Community Manager. We’re aware of this problem and are looking into the cause. If anyone has personal experience with this bug, send a note to us via our Feedback form:

    Please add as many details as possible, including your browser, OS, the email address you used to register with StumbleUpon, and any other information that might be helpful.


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