Switching from Bloglines

I’ve read a few people complaining about Bloglines recently and it seems that people are moving to Google Reader. I have tried Google Reader several times – and have looked at it recently and it’s still not what I want to use. For me it still seems inferior to Bloglines – even if Bloglines is having errors.

Personally I only had one blog not updating (or one that I noticed) and it’s back so I’ll just stick with Bloglines and I’ll keep telling my students that Bloglines is better than Google Reader.

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  1. why do you say bloglines is better? What does it do that you like better than GReader? I’m just curious

  2. I don’t like the layout of the left column on Google Reader – it makes it hard to navigate when you have a lot of friends and a lot of blogs you’re reading. I want to read my blogs, not see my friends – friends should be secondary and I can’t customize that column and make it easier to read. Also, instead of giving me a real count of what I have to read it shows me 1000+ Lastly – and this may have changed – there is no way to share a public link to my subscriptions – just ways to share individual posts. I teach a lot of 2.0 classes and like to show people what I read so that they can copy my subscriptions and import them for themselves to start with (that’s how I started my reader list).

    It’s mostly just interface issues – give me a customization option and I’d switch – but for now it’s Bloglines for me.

  3. I haven’t updated my post yet–but of the 43 feeds that were showing errors in Bloglines, something like 35 have come back to life, so it appears that Bloglines is, in fact, trying to correct the problems. (Hmm. If Techcrunch says it’s dead, maybe that’s another reason to stick with it.)

    I’ll update my “Bloglines is having problems” post soon–and decommission a bunch of Google Reader subscriptions so I’m not getting the same posts twice.

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