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Apps are popping up everywhere. LinkedIn announced earlier this week that they too were adding apps to their site. The first invite to add an app I got was from SlideShare.

With the SlideShare app on LinkedIn, you can display presentations on your LinkedIn profile. You can browse presentations from your network and find out what’s going on with your connections.

You don’t need to upload your presentations twice. Just sync your LinkedIn and SlideShare profiles and all your

SlideShare presentations will start showing up on LinkedIn.

How to add SlideShare LinkedIn app (learn how to)
1. Go to the SlideShare App
2. After installing app, click on the tab: “Share on”
3. Put in your SlideShare username & password, and viola! All your presentations
will appear on LinkedIn.

This is a great example of adding value to my resume on LinkedIn. Now in addition to a link to my portfolio, there is a small section on my profile that shows my presentations from SlideShare. I love sites that let me bring all the important info into one place.

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