Less need for Twitter

I know I have talked about Twitter’s lack of IM support a lot lately, but this may be the end of my ranting. Today I read that FriendFeed has IM support!

Now the question is – do I want/need to keep using Twitter? So many of my friends are using it and I do have a lot of followers and follow a many people myself – I’d hate to miss out on something by leaving Twitter, but at the same time I’m tired of supporting a site that doesn’t do what I really want.

I’m open to suggestions – what are you all doing? To make your decision check out this guide to using FriendFeed over IM – I’m heading off to set it up!

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  1. Huh, looks interesting. I don’t work online, though, so I’m not certain what difference this would make to me. I guess it would enable you to see when someone comments on something without scrolling back through the pages of twitters.

    Have to check friendfeed out tomorrow…

  2. I’ve got a FriendFeed account where my tweets (and other things) go. But I found it really time consuming trying to follow FF. With all the posts and then comments it seemed to require more time to parse what was going on. Sure the conversations are often more involved, but… the conversations are more involved. How much time is there?

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