Full Draft of RDA Available

I have to be honest- I’m terrified to even open this link …. The full draft of RDA is not now available for review.

Why am I scared? Something that takes this long to finalize cojures up an image of an infinite switch (or if/else) block. For non-coders – I’m imagining a document that says if you see this do this – except if you see this … and so on.

Why else? Well, I’m pretty darn busy right now, so the idea of having something else to read just makes me sad.

Anyway, I’ve done my duty and shared the link with you all so you can choose whether to click it or not.

[update] fixed some typos [/update]

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  1. Plus: a recommandation with a 75 pages long ToC (I can’t begin to think how long the actual document might be with such a ToC) doesn’t stand a chance to actually be implemented, right? Because that would mean enough people finding enough courage to read it…

  2. Why is it not available for review? It looks available to me.

    @nicomo +1 – it’s too long, too confusing yet.

  3. MJ – typo!! It was supposed to say ‘now’ instead of ‘not’

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