A mashup I’d love to see

I often have to drive around the local area to do talks and teach classes. Part of that is putting together expense reports. What I’ve love to see is a mashup of tolls and Google Maps. I’d love to see the total amount that the tolls will cost for the trip so I can write up my expense report.

This request is coming from me having to find the toll rates for the PA Turnpike – when I don’t remember what tolls I went through with my EZPass.


  1. Hmmmm – it doesn’t seem to work for the addresses I’m putting in ….

  2. Rats! Sorry about that. I wonder if it’s like Google Maps in that it will only take an address in a particular format, a la “Did you mean…?”–I always had to add an “s” to the name of my old street even though it didn’t have one.

  3. Hi There,

    Jim here, one of the founders of http://www.cost2drive.com. We’ve heard from a number of our users that they’d like to see toll information included on the cost calculation and so we are actively looking at ways to provide that information.

    And sorry to hear the address wasn’t working for you. If you leave us a comment in our feedback area with your address we can look into what the issue may be.

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