Trying LivingSocial

I stumbled upon LivingSocial tonight and thought I would give it a whirl. The description in the title bar reads “Social Cataloging of Books, Movies, TV, Albums, Video Games, Beer, and Restaurants.”

I know that I’m all set with my books – they’re cataloged on LibraryThing and I’d never want to switch, but I have no way to keep track of my albums and movies. The problem I’m finding with LivingSocial is that it’s not really cataloging of things you own – it’s cataloging of things you’ve seen, read, tried, etc. I tried to import my list of books from LibraryThing just to take a look – and it didn’t quite work – it requires that I mark each item as read, want to read, not interested – and another option I forget. What about “own”? I’d like to mark items as owned.

I think the idea is pretty neat and I’ll probably keep an eye on it to see if it adds the ability to add items I own in addition to items I’ve read (via the library or a friend) or watched (in the theater or on TV). Then I’ll add all of my music and videos to the site.


  1. At least when I use the Facebook plugin “VisualBookshelf” I see two sets of choices “Your interest” where you indicate reading “status” (ie want to read, reading now, or already read). There’s a second category called “ownership” with the choices “Own it, want it, don’t want it, borrowed it”.

    I seem to remember a fourth choice, but I’m not seeing it now.

    I don’t use the actual website yet. It seemed like a good plugin, so I used it. At some point I’ll get a librarything membership and I’ll write something to use the csv exports feeds for both to try to reconcile the collections.

  2. Jon, that sounds like just what I wanted to see … maybe I missed something on the site … I can’t imagine they have it in the plugin but not the regular site.

  3. I was just thinking it may be that the “import” script is wonky too. I haven’t tried it yet. What happens if you just import without setting that stuff and then go back to the item’s page? Do you then see something different?

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