Map the world’s WiFi

This sound so awesome – but I can’t participate because I have a Mac.

WeFi is software loaded onto your laptop or mobile device. It automatically detects and qualifies all Wi-Fi access points within range and connects you to the spot with the best Internet connection. If the WeFi software detects a new access point, it allows you to be the first to map it. WeFi also provides you with Instant-Messaging tools, allowing you to create a buddy list, and to see where your friends are currently connected.

If you get to play with it, let me know how it works.

Found via SmashingApps.


  1. This is so cool. Will it map secure networks as well as unsecured?

  2. I don’t know because I can’t test it on my Mac 🙁 if you get to test it, let me know 😉

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