New Gmail Feature – Merge Contacts

I just read about this great new feature for Gmail that lets you select multiple contacts and merge them into one – I could really use this to clean up my contacts – but for some reason I can’t get my contacts page to load in Firefox. Whenever I click on Contacts I get this popup.

Gmail Contacts Error

I can’t get it to go away – it keeps coming back so I have to force my browser to quit and then reload. Anyone have this issue? Is it caused by a plugin I have installed?

Anyway, maybe you can try out the new merge feature – I’ll be disabling my plugins until I can figure out how to get into mine.


  1. Thanks for the tip–I hadn’t seen that. It’s working fine for me, no popups in both my regular GMail account and my Google Apps account. It does a pretty good job too, so I hope you get it working.

  2. I will try this one, if this worked, i will post you. thanks. 😉

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