New Facebook Pages Layout

I have had this article bookmarked for a little while now, so you may already know about it – but I’m sharing anyway 🙂

Facebook will be revamping their pages to look more like personal profiles.

With the Pages redesign, business Pages will now look much more like Facebook profile pages. According to information provided to advertisers, Facebook is moving Pages to a “Wall and tabs” design:

  • The Wall tab, containing all the latest updates and Wall posts, will become front and center.
  • Most static information will live on an “Info” tab, and most Photos will now live on a “Photos” tab.
  • Most custom content and application boxes will be moved to a “Boxes” tab, though some narrow boxes can remain on the “Wall” tab.
  • Page admins can add more application tabs to their Page if they so choose.

While this is all well and good, I get more questions about how to link groups to pages than I do about the look and feel of pages – so I hope that new addition happens soon!

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