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Last month I wrote about Pages on Facebook changing in appearance to look more like Profile pages. Well the change is happening – but I didn’t get any notice of it – which peaves me a bit because now I have a bunch of pages to go through and fix up before they’re automatically republished.

This is what I see at the top of my pages:

Pages are now more like profiles. Update your Page now.
Pages now look and behave more like user profiles. You can more easily publish content to your Page’s Wall and gain distribution through News Feed. Learn about how to take advantage of the new features.

Right now, your fans are still seeing the old version of your Page. Take advantage of this opportunity to edit your Page before it gets automatically republished, which will happen soon. As soon as your Page is edited and ready, republish it.

So – I guess instead of updating the manual today I’ll be working on fixing our Facebook pages to look the way I want.

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  1. I also would have liked more advanced warning. I went to update the page for the library where I work, but it doesn’t load properly in IE. I keep checked every day but still no change.

  2. Have you tried in FF? I had no problem in FF with my pages.

  3. We’ve found the same problem in IE, it seems to affect any pages with the type “library/public building”. Looks fine in Firefox but not IE which is no good for the majority of our users. Edith Speller has reported the problem on Facebook, but as far as I’m aware nothing has happened yet. 🙁

    Aside from that, I like the changes to make pages more like profiles but agree it would have been nice to have warning closer to the time and a little bit more publicity about the changes before they happened.

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