Saving your digital life

Jason Griffey had a great post last month that I read (but didn’t have time to share with you all) about saving your digital life online. Like most of us, my entire life is on this one machine and should anything happen to it I’d be crippled. When Circuit City was going out of business I bought an external hard drive so that I can automatically back up periodically. Another option that is available to us all is backing our computers up online using one of many services. Jason wrote about how he uses multiple services to store is digital life:

So how do I handle all of this? With one piece of hardware, a few pieces of software, and broadband. The piece of hardware is an expandable, redundant external hard drive called a Drobo , and the software I use is Dropbox and either Mozy or Carbonite.

I’ve heard of some of these services and but not all of them so I’m glad that Jason pointed them out to us all. Check out the entire post and make sure you’re backing up your digital life!!

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