Updates due to come in Koha 3.2

Galen Charlton started by reminding us that Koha 3.2 in an ambitious release. There will be a new acquisitions module (which I saw a demo of yesterday – and it made me very very happy!!), new holdings support, many circulation improvements (a lot to do with holds) and improved stability.

Remember to check the RFCs on the wiki to keep up with new developments. RFCs are Requests for Comments – we use them as a way to get feedback on new developments. Some RFCs are “wouldn’t it be nice” type requests, so keep in mind that not all RFCs will be implemented for 3.2 – so will be deferred and some will not happen at all. An RFC does not mean there is a commitment to do anything with it.

Galen went on to talk to us about the big features (his own personal list):

  • New Acquisitions Module (review and testing period)
  • Holdings Structure
    • Introduces “summary” records into Koha (which will be optional)
    • support the MARC format of holdings display
  • Circulation Features
    • Proxy patrons
    • Fines thresholds (or fine forgiveness)
      • a way to define different fine types and forgive fines with the running of a simple job
    • Callslips
      • similar to Koha’s current request (or hold) system, but makes it easier for when you have pull things off the shelf
    • Recalls
      • if someone has something on loan it’s a way for the patron to be notified that they have to return a book right now
    • Hourly loans
      • to handle reserve desks on campus where you can only check out an item for hours instead of days
    • Email checkout slips (a feature I have already documented and see in action in my own system)
    • Calculate fines in days debarred
      • if your item is overdue by 1 day you will be prevented from checking out for 2 days (instead of charging money as fines) – which is very common in France and developed by BibLibre
    • Place hold on multiple items at once (also already available and documented)
    • Additional hold request improvements
    • Course Reserves – Integration with ReservesDirect
  • OPAC Enhancements
    • Syndetics support (done)
    • LibraryThing (coming)
    • Babelthèque (done)
    • Ability to tag multiple items (done)
  • Cataloging
    • ‡biblios integration
    • Improved browse indexes
    • ISBN13 normalization
    • Item bulk status change (BibLibre has one development on this and LibLime has global change enhancements in the works as well)
    • Brief records
      • ability to add records at point of check in (ILL or paperbacks)
    • Record maintenance
      • attach workflow status to bib records
    • Deleted records
      • gives the ability to delete records but still be able to search for them in specific context
  • Serials
    • General improvements to the display and prediction pattern
    • More control over display of recently checked in issues
  • Administration
    • Improved system preferences editor (Thanks Jesse Weaver!!!)
  • Reporting
    • Guided reports parameter system will allow you save your report so you don’t need to do one for every month – should save lots of time
  • Misc
    • Granular permissions (new acq module already implements some of these)
      • Galen says: “I regret to inform you that the superlibrarian permission still doesn’t come with a cape”
    • IE compatibility improvements
    • Improvements to overdues report
    • Improved OAI-PMH server (the open data protocol for metadata harvesting)
    • URL checker

Of course we all wonder about the the timeline will be for the release of 3.2. The target is for late summer, early fall, but 3.1 should be out in early summer for testing and such of these features!!

In addition to these planned developments, there will be at least one cool development that comes out of Developer Weekend here at KohaCon – and Galen will lock the doors until it happens 🙂 Librarians are welcome to join in with the developers’ conference so that they get input from us while hacking away.

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  1. Wow! 3.2 IS an ambitious release. Looking forward to seeing to progress as things start to get moving. Great work team!!

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