Cataloging Marketplace Study

The Library of Congress has retained R2 Consulting, LLC to research and describe the US and Canadian “marketplace” for cataloging records and they have just posted a couple of surveys that need our input:

If you are a librarian: Click here to take the library survey Once you have begun this survey, you can easily move forward and backward through the survey using the [Prev] and [Next] buttons on the bottom of each page. Once you click the [Done] button on the last page, your responses will be finalized and recorded.

If you represent a MARC system, distributor, cataloging cooperative, or other MARC service provider: Click here to take the vendor survey With regard to this survey, participants will have continuing access so that if necessary, survey questions can be completed over the course of multiple days. If you wish to re-enter, just click again on the link and your responses will be presented for editing.

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