Flickr v. Picassa

As many of you know – I am a die-hard Flickr fan with a Pro account and a camera by my side at all times! I did however give Picassa a try when they came out with a Mac version and did like it – but I have too much invested in Flickr to make any switches – not that I want to. Anyway, if you’re not using a photo sharing site yet, this post by David Israel compares the two from his point of view and then by others in the comments.

My only problem with Flickr is that I have no way to download my pictures to my computer with all of the added metadata (geo-tagging, tags, titles, description) on my Mac. If you know of something I don’t – let me in on the secret cause I would love to be able to download my pics!!!

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  1. hm. not sure whether my previous comment got posted. it complained twice abput it being spam, and now says it’s a duplicate comment.

  2. Might be a bit heavy-weight, but flickrcurl will extract Flickr metadata (as rdf). I imagine there are other similar scripts floating around.

  3. Polly, that is awesome!!!! Thanks for the tip!

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