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I’m still catching up on emails from being away so I missed my invite to In the Library with the Lead Pipe until just now.

We are six librarians working in academic, public, and school libraries across the United States. In addition to essays by its founders, In the Library with the Lead Pipe will feature articles by guests representing special libraries and archives, as well as educators, administrators, library support staff, and community members. If you want to submit a guest post, see our submission guidelines.

In the Library with the Lead Pipe is intended to help improve our communities, our libraries, and our professional organizations. Our goal is to explore new ideas and start conversations; to document our concerns and argue for solutions. Each article is peer-reviewed by at least one external and one internal reviewer.

What a neat idea. I’ll be poking around as I have time.


  1. I sent some comments to Brett 😉 I’ll poke some more when things calm down for me!

  2. Nicole, thanks for the good word and the write up. We’re very eager to read/hear your thoughts.

    Just to clarify, because the navigation/text on the site isn’t yet speaking for itself like it should (though we’re working on it): I sent Nicole an invitation to be an editor at our new Reddit-like website, Lead Pipe News. Anyone can read stories that have been submitted to Lead Pipe News, and also vote or comment, but only people with invitations can submit stories. The whole invitation system is just to dissuade spam while we’re in beta; if you want the same “editor invitation” I sent Nicole, please get in touch with me and I’ll send one your way.

    If that’s not confusing enough, the real “In the Library with the Lead Pipe”–the journal/blog we launched in October 2008–doesn’t require an invitation. It’s free as in “Creative Commons free,” and always will be. We recently started taking submissions for articles (see the Submission Guidelines that Nicole linked to above for more info). Poke around and, if you have an idea for a journal-length article that fits with the feel of ItLwtLP, please get in touch.

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