Neat Map API

When I was at the Jenkins Law Library in Philadelphia years ago, I wrote an application for handling invoicing for many different purposes at the library. The one application I couldn’t figure out how to write was the one to charge the right membership fees. This was because we had different fees based on where you lived in relation to the library – but today I read about a neat new API that provides the very information I would have needed to make that application work.

Spatial data provider Maponics has released a new API that provides developers with access to several boundary data sets. Previously available as a beta release in February, the Maponics Spatial API (our Maponics API profile) provides access to carrier route, ZIP Code and neighborhood data for the United States.

The neighborhood boundaries data set includes over 60,000 neighborhoods in over 2,000 cities. The neighborhood boundaries API seems similar to the Urban Mapping API we covered last year, although a key differentiator is that the Maponics API includes the actual boundaries (something that the Urban Mapping API does not yet provide).

Sounds pretty neat! I love how many new ways there are to mash up data!!

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