1. David Bigwood

    Maybe PBWorks, once PBWiki. I think you can use JavaScript. You can’t run it on your own site. not open source, but they do have both free and paid options. Looks pretty simple, I’ve been meaning to play with it a bit.

  2. I am actually moving both of my blogs on to WordPress(self hosted, though) and I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner. Blogger is limited and I hate that!

    Good post, and I agree about telling people to use WordPress over Blogger.

  3. I’ve been using WordPress for this same kind of workshop and for the same reasons. But I ended up installing WPMU on my own server and using that for the classes. And since I can trust the folks in the classes (I hope!), I turned on the javascript option so they can get a sense of what they could do if they get their own hosted server. I also really like the flexibility of choosing my own themes and plugins.

    That said, I’ve created some websites on wordpress.com for organizations that couldn’t host their own installation. They’re not as customized as I’d like them to be, but they meet those clients needs.

  4. Polly, I love that idea!! I’m going to see if I can get that set up on my server.

    As for my class – I’m giving it in lecture form at a few conferences around the country throughout the year – so maybe you’ll get to see it.

  5. Will you be doing this at Internet Librarian this fall? I’m doing a workshop, so will definitely be there. :-) Let me know how you make out with the WP MU idea.

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