Embed YouTube videos into Keynote

I wanted to embed a YouTube video into my presentation in Keynote for tomorrow, so I did a search for a tutorial and found a YouTube video telling me what to do – but it seemed so convoluted. I then remembered reading about a new site that could convert YouTube videos to a format that would work in your media player. I found the announcement about Farkie on DownloadSquad and started to try it out – but got nowhere 🙁

This is all I could get after trying five or so times to get one video.


Instead I was able to get Vixy to work 🙂

Just a little tip from me after trying multiple options.

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  1. well, if its me i use a third party software to help me do this, and it works like this: i just use the aneesoft youtube video converter to download and convert the youtube videos to quicktime format and drag it to my keynote. it works great. for more details you can write to me.

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