Social Media Policies

I often see posts on mailing lists asking for examples of social networking policies. I always point them to my post from ages ago with examples of policies I had found. Now – I have another great place to point them. Mashable’s 10 Must-Haves for Your Social Media Policy by Sharlyn Lauby:

A few weeks ago, I wrote that your organization should have a social media policy, and one of the things I heard among all the great comments was: “Okay, but what should it say?”

There are generally two approaches to social media policy making. Some organizations handle social media in an evolutionary way. Chad Houghton, the director of e-media and business development at the Society for Human Resource Management, told me that he thinks, “it might be beneficial not to create some arbitrary rules without first seeing where the opportunities and risks really are.”

Other organizations, meanwhile, feel more comfortable establishing a clear policy from the outset. IBM, for example, has published their social media guidelines publicly for anyone to read. It’s a great policy, though rather long.

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