Delicious Tag Bundles

Do you use tag bundles in Delicious? Did you know that Delicious had tag bundles? Do you know what a tag bundle is?

Let’s start with the what. Tag bundles are groups of tags that have to do with the same subject – it’s a way for you to organize your tags into smaller batches. I can’t remember when Delicious added tag bundles, but it was after I already had a pretty hefty number of tags and so trying to add my tags into little bundles became a daunting task.

Since their invention, tag bundles have gone through a few redesigns – and this most recent is the most annoying of all!! We’re in the age of dynamic data and AJAX – I should be able to drag and drop my tags into bundles from the ‘Unbundled’ category – instead I have to click edit next to a bundle and then click on the tags I want to add to that bundle. I just gave it a whirl since I know I have a lot of unbundled tags – but I failed miserably.

Anyway, if you have a secret to how I can use tag bundles efficiently I’d love to hear it – until then I’ll just leave my tags unbundled (something that is driving the organized librarian side of me nuts!).


  1. Another good reason not to use them – thanks

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