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Teaching Open Source

Jul - 15 - 2009
Nicole C. Engard

Awesome!! I just discovered that there is a site devoted to those who teach open source. was set up in March 2009 to serve as a neutral collaboration point for everyone involved in Teaching Open Source, where we can:

  • Work out Open Source educational models, support and funding schemes, community relationships, and other issues.
  • Advocate for the changes that are necessary to further the goal of teaching Open Source.

The initial collaboration points were this wiki, the Planet, and the TeachingOpenSource Mailing List; these have been extended with the #teachingopensource IRC channel and a monthly conference call.

I’m off to read and learn more – share with those around you who are teaching open source – this might be a very handy tool.

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5 Responses so far.

  1. MJ Ray says: looked at that and decided not to participate because they are unwilling to include free software topics. It’s an incomplete story.

  2. Nicole says:

    Mj, free as in not open source? Or what exactly won’t they include?

  3. Chris Tyler says:

    Nicole: I’m glad to see that you’ve found! Although there’s a bit of summer lull, we’re a fairly active community of over 100 people from all continents, and we welcome new participants.

    (MJ Ray’s comments are specifically related to the term “free software” vs. “open source” — we are of course entirely about teaching free and open source software, but because of the ambiguity surrounding the term “free” in English many of the wiki pages refer to “open source”).

  4. Nicole says:

    That’s what I figured it was :) Thanks for clarifying.

  5. MJ Ray says:

    If it was entirely about teaching free and open source software, the project wouldn’t be so hardline against including free software in the project name. The ambiguity surrounding the term “open” in English is worse.

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