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BlackBerry Storm
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A few months ago I made the leap from plain old cell phone to smart phone. Being a Verizon customer (and not wanting to switch to AT&T) I chose the Blackberry Storm. It seems about time to write up a mini-review and see if any of my readers have some tips I haven’t found elsewhere.

Things I like:

  1. Touch screen: I love the feeling of clicking when I push down on the screen
  2. Screen size: The screen is a nice size and makes it easy enough to read emails and participate in chat sessions
  3. Blackberry Messenger: I don’t pay for texting – so I love the Blackberry Messenger – it allows me to pseudo text with my husband
  4. Generally being connected: I just love that I’m connected wherever I go 🙂

Things I don’t like:

  1. The battery life could be better, but I hear that’s the case with any smart phone
  2. The apps store is a bit hard to search
  3. and my number one complaint that I hope someone can give me a tip about is the memory!

Let me explain my issues with memory. My Storm came with 1 GB onboard memory and an 8 GB memory card. That’s 9 GB of memory. Of which only 128 MB are devoted to apps!!! That means once I installed my chat, Facebook, Flickr, Google Sync, Google Maps, Twitter and Where I was done – I now have 5 MB left in memory space and many more apps that would be useful for me to have. I have read all of the support sites and forums and they all say the same, you can’t install apps on the memory card and you can’t change the allocation of onboard memory to allow for 1 GB for apps and all other media on the memory card.

Can someone please explain to me the thinking behind this?? It has been a long time since 128 MB was a lot of space … a long long long time. Why the heck would the Blackberry people think this was a good idea? How is memory allocated on the iPhone? How is it done on other smart phones?

Overall I’m happy with my new phone and love having the ability to chat and email while stuck on long trips without taking out my laptop – I just wish there was some way to install more apps so that I could be even more productive.

This review was prompted by this post at drunkencomputing with a list of must-have apps for the Storm.

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  1. Wow, no one replied yet. I have an iPhone with 8GB internal memory (no ability for removable memory). It plays really nicely with that memory, aside from the bit needed for the OS, the rest is free game for everything. There are no specific limits for apps or music or video, etc. I had a similar memory problem to what you’re having with an HTC touch-screen running Windows Mobile…the difference is that on this phone the internal memory was 128MB total, and apps could only be installed on the internal memory–while I had a 4GB card for media.

    I’m going to make a guess at why they do things this way. On the iPhone you can only run one app at a time, at first this was annoying, but now I’m used to it. The nice thing about this is there are no “lingering” or “ghosting” apps to suck processor cycles and RAM, so it always seems nice and speedy. With the other smart phones, you can usually run multiple apps at once which is probably really hard on that baby processor, the 128 MB app limit ensures you don’t have a buttload of simultaneously running apps to freeze the system. However…it seems that choice should be up to the user.

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