Open Source Participation

David Eaves has an awesome post on his blog that takes a talk by Angie Byron a step further. I don’t just want to repeat his entire post, but it was so well written that I have been holding on to it to figure out a way to summarize it without repeating – and I couldn’t. So here’s what I’m going to share – and the rest you’re going read on David’s blog.

David takes this figure from Angie …

Open Source Contributors

… and points out that while this is probably true, only a small amount of people have the skills necessary to participate in fixing open source applications we can change that by making community participation easier…
Community Management

I can only speak for the one community I’m part of – but this is certainly something the Koha community tries to do. I have been submitting patches recently because of the patience of several experienced developers. The time they took to help me understand what I was doing made it so that I could patch bugs (I can do something about it) and add new features (things I thought were dumb the old way).

Read David’s entire post here.

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