1. Dave Hook

    Wow – thanks for pointing this out. You mean that the library world is still sticking its head in the sand and claiming that it is the user that is broken? We put years and years of research into the best ways to organize and classify information right down to the point of debating such minutia as whether to use a comma or semicolon to separate terms. Then Google comes along and builds something so simple and intuitive to use that finds relevant results and librarians dismiss it. Sure, the general Google user won’t find as much as an expert library system user would, but considering the ease of use of Google, there is a lot that library systems can learn.

    Some of the comments posted on that article really scare me for the future of this profession. They come across like carriage-makers dismissing the new automobile as a fad, rather than recognizing a changing trend and adapting their businesses to deal with it.

  2. Dave,

    I love that analogy!! And yes, these comments are very scary.

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