Re-Tweet from Twitter

Twitter is beta testing a new re-tweet (RT) feature.

Announcing new Twitter Feature

On first look, it’s pretty neat, but it’s missing an important feature – the ability to add your comments to the RT. This morning I saw a cute post by a library geek dad I know, it was a link to a T-shirt that I thought other geek dad’s might want to see – but the tweet said “I’m so getting this” so when I re-tweeted it looked like I (not a dad) wanted the shirt.

My RT Example

I’m also not seeing my RTs on the my Twitter homepage or in Adium – I only see them on my profile page on Twitter – which may be because the feature is still in beta – but at the same time, how do I really RT and share with my friends?? Hopefully this will all become more clear as I play some more.

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  1. The inability to edit or add comments is why I’m still using a Twitter client rather than the web interface. I also got the beta RT feature, and there are several improvements that need to happen. I want to add comments, or edit (question: what happens if it’s too long when you RT?!?), and they need to show up in client feeds (right now I’m not seeing any of the web RTs in TweetDeck) before it becomes useful.

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