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  2. Fresh From Twitter today | zu-web.de

  3. Very cool, but a bit of a shame it’s on a Google Map instead of an OpenStreetMap. If we like FOSS, let’s go the whole hog.

  4. So where do school libraries fall into this mix? I don’t see myself noted here anywhere? Plano ISD – Plano Texas

  5. David Friggens

    David Schuster: They don’t, unfortunately. I decided it would have been too much work to have gone through all of those manually too (in truth the whole lot was too much to have gone through manually). I’m playing around with scraping libwebcats at the moment though, so may be able to pull the list of schools that way.

    MJ Ray: Good point. I haven’t played with OpenStreetMaps before – I’ll have a look.

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