Uh Oh – No more VLC for Mac?

Download Squad warns that VLC for Mac has no more developers!!

Quick! Are you a Mac programmer? An open source advocate? Well, VLC has a job for you! You’ve always wanted to lead up an entire development branch of the world-famous VideoLAN Client, right?

It seems, through gradual atrophy and a steep learning curve that prevents developers from just ‘jumping right in’, VLC for Mac now has zero developers; none, nada, zilch. Looking at the time stamps on the VLC forum, development for the Mac has been weak since at least May this year, with bugs and Mac-specific improvements going untended due to lack of MacOS X programmers.

So this is my call to all you developers out there – don’t give up on us Mac users or on VLC.


  1. I like VLC for the Mac but truthfully, the PC needs it far more. Quicktime, since version 7, has pretty well done all that anyone needs.

    On the PC side, (I have a Mac and a PC) the need is far greater for a program that “just works”. On my tablet PC that I use for ebooks, videos, etc. I dumped Windows Media Player early on as being bloated, slow, and unreliable with all media types. VLC does it all for me there and is one of the best programs I have ever had at any price.

  2. Is there really a need for this the current version of vlc works fine and has worked across all OS upgrades rom 10.5.4 to 10.6.4

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