So much Koha news today

There has been so much Koha News today!! It’s like everyone held on to everything until today.

First I got an email from Kyle Hall announcing the release of his newly upgraded Koha Offline Circulation Tool. Next was the release by my two favorite Koha companies (yes I’m biased) – ByWater & BibLibre have entered into a contract to bring BibLibre development skills (some of the most experienced in the Koha community) to the US and to ByWater customers. Then there was the announcement of the PTFS acquisition of LibLime an announcement that has prompted responses from librarians all over. Mostly hopeful like those from ByWater and Chris Cormack and a few tweets:

  • librareanne: PTFS to Acquire LibLime #koha (I hope this means better customer service for LibLime clients!!)
  • jransom: @ranginui PTFS would win much kudos if they announced they were returning them to the community at their press conference on the 16th #koha
  • oleonard: PTFS to Acquire LibLime I hope this means LEK will come back into the fold. #koha

Finally was the announcement that the release manager for Koha 3.4 has been voted in and it’s none other than the original Koha release manager – Chris Cormack!

In short a big (and finally good) news day for Koha!

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  1. I actually felt quite uplifted when I called it a day yesterday. Koha FTW!

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