Got me a Poken

So the folks here at PLAN learned about Poken from Helen Blowers who learned about it at the UGame, ULearn conference in Delft. A Poken is basically a little 4 fingered USB character that stores your virtual business card. You then go to and enter in your contact info and when you ‘high 4’ (remember it’s 4 fingered) your friend’s Poken you exchange business cards.

So, as a gift for speaking today I got me my Poken – but as cool as this is – it’s only useful if more people start using Poken – so spread the word and maybe at the next library conference we can all ‘high 4’ 🙂

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  1. Pokens are great especially when you can get them in the hands of as many people as possible. I think we will soon see many people with Pokens by end of year. We are definitely spreading the word over at our website at

    Anyway, best wishes to you! Happy Poken!

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