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I took a webinar on Zotero taught by Jason Puckett earlier this month and since then I have been playing a bit more with it. I installed the beta release of version 2.0 which includes the ability to share libraries and store data online. This means that you can see my public library by visiting my page on Zotero. It also means that I can join groups and share resources with those who have similar interests to me.

If I have one complaint – it’s that it’s not easy to find my friends and colleagues who have shared their resources on Zotero.org. I’d like a find friends connection to Twitter or Facebook or something that allows me to find people with ease (like many other websites these days). I also find that many groups allow you to join and view resources – but not add resources – which seems silly for a group.

To learn more about Zotero, check out Jason’s guide. Also, if you want to join a group or two – check out the Koha Group and the Open Source for Libraries Group.

[update] If you manage a group you can allow members to add items by going to Manage Group > Library and then changing the permissions. [/update]

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