Gotta Love the Koha Community

Yesterday we had one of our monthly meetingsthis one about handing over Koha assests to the Horowhenua Library Trust, the group we all voted should look out of the interests of Koha for the community. One of the assets we’re still waiting on is the domain name. Due to recent events we understand that we now have to wait a bit longer for a decision in this matter, but we can’t leave so very out of date (which it is right now), and so we made a community decision to open up and use that for official releases, documentation (coming soon), news and the support page.

I love when we all come together and solve a problem as a group – showing that all of the silly comments about the community being in turmoil are complete nonsense. We (the community) know who we are and where we want the software to go – and we know how to work together to get things done!

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