Google Rolls Out Google Buzz

So, last year it was Google Wave and this year we have Google Buzz!

I just logged into my email to see an invite to set up Google Buzz – I of course said “go right ahead” before doing any research on what it was 🙂

Google Buzz is like FriendFeed in your email. It’s a way to bring your status updates into Email and read them right there in your Gmail account. This is a pretty awesome idea in my book. What I’d like to see is a way to send my status updates from Buzz to the other sites – like I can with, but I guess I can’t be picky on release day 🙂

So how do you find this Buzz thing? After you set it up it will appear under your Inbox on the Gmail menu. Then once you click that you’ll see your updates and those from your friends.

Like my ‘Buzz’ says I’m much more likely to use Buzz over Wave because it’s integrated right into a tool I use 1 million times a day already. I’m also going to install Buzz on my Android and see how that works. Yet another tool to learn to use and benefit from.

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