NFAIS: Embracing New Measures of Value

Christy Confetti Higgins a Cybrarian at Oracle started the morning with her talk entitled ‘Embracing New Measures of Value: Integration and Collaboration at Sun Microsystems.’

Christy talked to us about integrating information from outside sources into inside sources. The approach they took was to maximize dollars spent, repurpose content, and leverage social media. One example of this is that they pulled in their own Twitter feed to the Information Services Wiki. Another example she gave us was from their learning portal. On this main page they included a feed of books from Safari and Books24/7 (I wonder if the reason the library catalog is excluded is because limitations in the software …).

In addition to pulling data in, they used social media to connect with employees. They have both a public and an internal blog. Using the RSS feeds from these blogs they were able to then pull in feeds based on tags into the wiki (so if the post was about financial information it could be on the financial page of the wiki). Another use of social media was to create a community for the engineers called the “Read Community” this way the engineers could share what they were reading with their colleagues – this comes back to one of the topics from yesterday brought up by Cameron – we learn a lot from the resources our colleagues are reading and sharing with us. With this tool they not only had the engineers sharing information, they were also able to take the recommendations that were shared and put them on a Safari Books Reading List and pull that out with an RSS feed and post that to the wiki. (What I’m hearing is that RSS is central to nearly everything they do! Which backs up what I keep telling librarians – you need to offer at least one RSS feed on your site so people can use and re-mix your content.)

In addition to their own content, they were able to pull in Twitter Feeds from the vendors they worked with and had similarities with. This way they can keep their staff connected with the content providers. Then on their learning portal in addition to finding results from internal sources, they run the search against their content providers and include results from those services in boxes on the side of the search results.

One other way they have added value was to use SecondLife to teach workshops for their staff. They could have used WebEx, but they wanted to offer the workshops in a different way. They also tested out Wonderland, a virtual world they were able to host behind their firewall and host workshops that were 100% secure for internal staff only.

Overall it sounds like Christy and her crew are really working to bring all of the relevant content to her colleagues via various different avenues!!

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  1. Thanks so much Nicole for blogging about my session – it was fun – I wish we would have had more time to chat!

    Also, the reason the library catalog was not mentioned is because there is no longer one 😉

    Take care and stay connected!


  2. No longer a catalog? Do you not have books? or not have a need for a catalog?

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