NFAIS: Evolving the Scientific Article

First up in the ‘A Fresh Look at Content’ track was Dr. Emilie Marcus from Cell Press with her talk entitled “Evolving the Scientific Article.’

Emilie talked to about the ‘article of the future.’ The original goals of the project was the rethink the online presentation of the article including supplementary information such as videos, sound, animation and involving the scientific community in developing and refining the ideas. In July of 2009 they posted a couple of articles for feedback to see what the users thought of this ‘article of the future.’

Some of the features of the ‘article of the future’ is

  • Integrated tabbed presentations (each contents item appears in a tab for easy navigation)
  • Graphical abstract (takes the text summary and creates a graphic to show what the the text is saying)
  • Video abstracts and author interviews
  • Highlights of key results (a few bullets showing what the findings of the article are)
  • Integrate suplemental data
  • Author-affiliation highlighting (highlights authors and their affiliations at the top of the article)
  • Real-time reference analyses (a full list of references with a clickable timeline that breaks the references down by year, in addition you can limit to the author you’re interested in seeing)

It’s hard to make it clear how cool this article looks just by writing about it – I took some pictures (but they’re also not enough). I’d love to see this kind of article for technology and library science as well! Right now it’s limited to these scientific documents.

Cell Press has gotten great reviews about this article format – users like this type of organization of data.

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