NFAIS: Making the Most of Published Literature

Guru Rao from Molecular Connections started the afternoon session with “Driving Publishing to Discovery: Adapting to the new age consume needs.”

Guru started by showing us two models. In the traditional model, the consumer subscribes to knowledgebase engines, studies the output, and then goes to the DB to find the data. In the new model – the discovery based model, the consumer goes to the publisher db and that db has added value on the content to make it more valuable (linking, semantic data, etc).

The new age consumer is used to open access content and search engines. They want quicker means to analyze published literature, value validations from their peers, to interact with authors, and to share data. To give an example of this Guru showed us Wolfram Alpha which changes the nature of search by using semantic data.

I have to admit that while I understood the ideologies behind Guru’s talk I really got lost in all of the science of it … I’m so so so easily confused by science talk 🙂 In short, the staff at Molecular Connections used ontologies and semantic data to make it easier to search across data collections and link related content back and forth.

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