NFAIS: Multi-Lingual Federated Search

Abe Lederman from Deep Web Technologies was up next with his talk entitled: “Federated Search: Breaking Down the Language Barrier.”

Abe talked to us about his new multi-lingual federated search tool. This will help non-English speakers to find content and it will also introduce English speakers to diverse perspectives from researchers in other countries. The translation tool they created is called Explorit.

Basically to use this tool a user will enter their search term in their native language and Explorit will submit the query to translation services and that service will translate it into the language needed by the sources being searched. Results are returned in the databases native language. At this point Explorit translates the results into the user’s native language, ranks them and then displays them for the user.

This sounds pretty darn cool – I’d like to see it in action to see how fast results can be retuned with all of this translation and ranking going on behind the scenes. For now we’ll all have to wait until June when will launch a multi-lingual search for the site.

Abe’s slides can be found online at :

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  1. Nicole,

    Multilingual Explorit did launch on in June as a Beta.

    If you and your readers go to the site you’ll find a link near the top right of the page (Search in your language) that will take you to our multilingual search. If you go to the Advanced search page and you select just the sources on the right column you’ll be searching just the non-English sources.

    Let me know what you think.


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