NFAIS: The New Aggregation

Barry Graubart from Alacra talked to us about ‘The New Aggregation’ and the Alacra Pulse product. Barry started by telling us what we already know – news breaks on the web now, research has gotten decentralized, and “good enough” is now good enough. Barry deals with the financial market (bankers) so his examples refer to those doing business in the finance world.

The goal is to find out the nuggets that are interesting to our customers and passing them on to them in real time. We can’t deliver everything! We can’t deliver 100,000 blogs – there are a handful of sources that break news and then it becomes an echo chamber. That said, clients are not asking for all the business news, they want the important events delivered to them.

In addition we need to consider tagging, an example we know that Woolies = Woolworths, but searching for Woolworths will not turn up information on Woolies. With tagging we still need humans though! You don’t want to set an automated tagger loose on some of these articles.

The end result is the Alacra Pulse site which aggregates content from various open web sources, they are offering links and summaries and not licensing the content.

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