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Yesterday there was a public meeting of those involved in the Koha Community. This includes developers, users and those just interested in the future of the product. After months of negotiations between those interested in furthering Koha and those holding the domain name, we decided it was time to move on and produce an up to date resource on Koha. It has been a long process and it’s a shame that we had to do this, but we did if we wanted the world to find accurate Koha information & downloads.

Owen Leonard at Nelsonville Public Library wrote an awesome summary which basically explains the what and why:

The Koha community has attempted to communicate with LibLime about the situation without success. The Koha community has nominated the Horowhenua Library Trust to act as an independent steward of Koha-related assets like the and the Koha trademark. We have proposed to LibLime that, given their lack of care and interest in, transfer the domain and its management to HLT and let the Koha community take back control. LibLime has not responded to these requests.

The community was left with no choice: we had to create a new home for the Koha project. We can no longer depend on the good will of LibLime. came together quickly and beautifully thanks to all involved. Thanks are owed especially to Liz at the Northeast Kansas Library System for all her hard work.

If you want to share a link to the real open source Koha, please use

For more on the decision, including links to the discussions visit the Koha site and read the welcome message.

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