My delicious bookmarks for 2010-04-16

  • SeeClickFix
    Report non-emergency issues, receive alerts in your neighborhood
  • Opensource University
    A learning portal with a focus on open source applications.
  • WordPress Template Creation Tutorial
  • Pligg CMS
    Pligg is an open source CMS (Content Management System) that you can download and use for free. Pligg CMS provides social networking software that encourages visitors to register on your website so that they can submit content and connect with other users.
  • Elgg
    Elgg is free and open source software. It provides the components you need to build a fully-featured social environment.
  • Lovd By Less
    Open Source Social Network
  • insoshi
    insoshi is a social networking platform in Ruby on Rails. You can use Insoshi to make custom social networks.
    XOOPS is a web application platform written in PHP for the MySQL database. Its object orientation makes it an ideal tool for developing small or large community websites, intra company and corporate portals, weblogs and much more.
  • Community Engine
    CommunityEngine is a free, open-source social network plugin for Ruby on Rails applications. Drop it into your new or existing application, and you?ll instantly have all the features of a basic community site.

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