KCLS Enhancements to Evergreen

Jed Moffit, Bill Erikson and Matt Carlson were up during our lunch to talk to us about the developments that were coming up from KCLS.

Evergreen 2010

Jed says that we have to have something in the new developments that is better than ‘sucks less technology.’ He is hoping that these developments will be genuinely of value to all of us.

Matt was up next and started with a history. He said that 2009 was the year of circulation and user interfaces. 2010 however is the year of Acquisitions, Cataloging, Serials and the OPAC.

First up was the patron registration screen. They pulled all the fields into one form so you can work on it all on one page. They also added field specific help files (that can be added in by the librarian) and the ability to auto fill fields with city, state based on the zip. Other edits were a bit smaller, but made huge improvements like better use of the screen real estate and buttons for the really common tasks across the top. (as this was being shown) someone near me kept saying ‘wow’ – so for those who are using Evergreen now, these improvements are ‘wow-worthy’).

They’ve also added a staff client activity log that shows the last X transactions performed at a staff machine so you can see what the last 5 patrons who were taken care of are and at what station. This log is only for circulation actions.

There is a new patron merge interface where you can merge patrons together and it will keep everything related to the patron in the new merged record (bookbags, holds, etc).

Moving on to catalog items. They are working on a single page to get all the info about an item that you might need. Right now you have to go to different places to find it all.

As I mentioned in my Acquisitions summary, they are working on the connection to OCLC Connexion. So catalogers can edit records in Connexion and load them into Evergreen.

On the notices front, they will make it so that overdue notices and other notices are sent out automatically – and to give staff control over how that happens.

There were a bunch of other little updates that Bill ran through quickly, that you’ll just have to wait to see 🙂

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